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  • Thai massages

    Thai massages

    Traditional Thai massages – Nuat Bo'rarn – meaning “ancient massage”, is a base of ancient knowledge about physical and spiritual well – being, derived from Eastern traditions, established over 2500 years ago in Buddhist's monasteries. Massage, performed by real Thai masters, is attributed to old healing arts, which connects mastership of massage technique with physical energy and spiritual experience.

  • Classical massages

    Classical massages

    Professionally performed massage not only relaxes your body and calms the spirit, but also has many positive long term effects for your physical and spiritual well-being – soothes your musle tensions, stimulates your imune system, boosts your life energy, tonifies, detoxifies or makes your body shapes look perfect! Enjoy our classical therapy massages and feel their magical effect on your body and soul…

  • Segmental massages

    Segmental massages

    Pay a little bit of your attention to some particular part of your body and pamper yourself with segmental massage – foot reflexology, hand treatment, back & shoulders or face & head massage. Just a short break with segmental massage let us concentrate on your main problem and provides you with relaxing or stimulating effect for the rest of the day…

Spa treatments

  • Body Spa treatments

    Body Spa treatments

    Being close to their nature, Thai people were inspired to create a wonderful complex of Spa treatments for nurturing, refreshing and protecting their body skin with natural products, such as local fruits, spices and herbs. We suggest you to try and enjoy our natural and authentic oriental Spa recipes for body scrubs, body masks – wraps and aromatherapy Spa baths.

  • Facial Spa treatments

    Facial Spa treatments

    Women from Eastern Asia don’t have to look far for products to nurture and protect their facial skin from humid climate, hot sun and other damaging effects of environment. Various fresh fruits, herbs, white mud, sea algae, golden dusts, plant extracts and aroma oils – it’s a perfect means for refreshing, moisturizing, nourishing and protecting their skin, to make it youthfully bright and radiant…

Spa packages

  • Mini Spa packages

    Mini Spa packages

    For those, who always haste and don’t have enough time, who want quick and effective moments of relaxation we offer mini Spa packages for 1 or 1,5 hour, made from the most important treats for your body and soul – various body scrubs, body wraps and segmental massages. For effective relaxation moments…

  • Spa packages

    Spa packages

    For those, seeking for deeper relaxation and exceptional senses, we offer Spa packages of several hours duration, so popular in Asian Spas, suitable for different needs and made of various nurturing and refreshing Spa treatments, such as body scrubs, body wraps, full body massages and facial treatments. For your different needs…

  • Spa rituals for two

    Spa rituals for two

    For those, who dream to escape from the daily routine and pamper themselves with remarkable moments of bliss and relaxation, we offer special exotic Spa rituals for couples, performed in our double rooms, where no one will disturb your time, spent together…
    For romantic relaxation for just the two of you…

Thalion Spa procedures

  • Thalion Spa body treatments

    Thalion Spa body treatments

    Thalion SPA body Treatments are exceptional, innovative and highly effective SPA treatments that provide a quick and demonstrable result after the first procedure, performed with marine microelements and minerals enriched with Professional Thalion SPA Cosmetics. Well-Being, healthy status of your body, and elastic and glow skin!

  • Thalion Spa face treatments

    Thalion Spa face treatments

    Thalion Spa Facial Treatments are moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, firming, and detoxifying treatments performed with exclusive innovative marine minerals and microelements enriched with Thalion Spa cosmetics. Bright and youthful glow for your facial skin… Comprehensive care… Good for your well-being!

  • Thalion Spa Marine mineral therapy

    Thalion Spa Marine mineral therapy

    Thalion SPA Marine Mineral Therapy is a set of relaxing, energizing, detoxifying and simulating Spa treatments, designed to provide comprehensive care for your skin and maintain healthy body status and internal balance. Thali Sens Rituals  is a real journey of your senses, with its unique aroma and textures enriched with Polynesian and Amazonian wilderness. Good for Your Well-being, internal equilibrium and exceptional sensations…