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Šv. Mikalojaus g. 5, Vilnius | +370 52 44 46 46
Odminių g. 3, Vilnius | +370 52 53 13 13
Literatų g. 8, Vilnius | +370 630 30 999
Tiltų g. 6, Klaipėda | +370 667 44 600

Azia Spa

  • About us

    About us

    Azia Spa – it's a cosy Oriental massage house, settled in the heart of Vilnius Oldtown, where everyone, wanting to escape just for a moment, can feel the breath of Oriental world, enjoy warm atmosphere, unbroken tranquility, relaxing Spa treatments and a cup of fragrant tea…

  • Special offers

    Special offers

    Every month we have something special to offer for you – some interesting new Spa treatment or the one you liked before, but with a special price. Sign in for our newsletter, get our special offers and promotions and become our loyal and exceptional guest…

  • We recommend you

    We recommend you

    For your pleasant and convenient visit in our Spa, we have some practical advices for you, which are useful to know and sometimes not so easy to ask…

  • Rentida Apartments

    Rentida Apartments

    “Rentida apartments” offers a wide range of cozy and modern apartments for rent in the very heart of Vilnius. Whatever your tastes and needs are, you’d be able to choose from 20 different size apartments, flats and studios that were fully renovated to the highest modern standards…