• Massages


    It was known from the ancient times, that professionally and attentively performed massage has power to enhance the whole state of the body and even overcome some deseases. Touch of human hands was concidered to be high energy and magical power source, which awakens unforgetable sensations and transmits positive energy and warm feelings…

  • Spa treatments

    Spa treatments

    Women from Eastern Asia don’t have to search long time for products, which nurture and protect their skin from humid, hot Asian climate and damaging effects of environment. Using the gifts of nature to nourishe, refresh and protect their skin, Thai people created an amazing complex of Spa treatments, enriched with fresh fruits, spices and herbs.

  • Spa packages

    Spa packages

    For those, who want to feel the real spirit of Oriental world and escape from the routine of everyday’s life, we offer special Spa packages, so popular in Eastern Asia, made of various different treatments, such as body scrubs, body masks – wraps, full body massages and facial treatments. Indulge yourself into the paradise of relaxation for the thourough care of your skin, bliss for your body and rejuvenation for your soul…

Thalion Spa treatments

  • Thalion Spa treatments

    Thalion Spa treatments

    Thalion Spa – It is a unique innovative marine microelements and mineral-enriched professional French cosmetic, created countless products for full care of your skin, healthy status of your body and maintain your sense of wellbeing.

  • Thalion Spa facial treatments

    Thalion Spa facial treatments

    Thalion Spa Facial Treatments are moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, firming, and detoxifying treatments performed with exclusive innovative marine minerals and microelements enriched with Thalion Spa cosmetics. Bright and youthful glow for your facial skin… Comprehensive care… Good for your well-being.

  • Thalion Spa Marine Mineral therapies

    Thalion Spa Marine Mineral therapies

    Thalion SPA Marine Mineral Therapy is a set of relaxing, energizing, detoxifying and simulating Spa treatments, designed to provide comprehensive care for your skin and maintain healthy body status and internal balance. Thali Sens Rituals  is a real journey of your senses, with its unique aroma and textures enriched with Polynesian and Amazonian wilderness. Good for Your Well-being, internal equilibrium and exceptional sensations…

Our massage therapists

Azia Spa Oriental house of massage has masters from Thailand, which perform various different Thai massages, oriental Spa treatments for body and face, and local masters, performing classical full body and segmental massages, body and facial Spa treatments. Find yourself a perfect massage guru…