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Šv. Mikalojaus g. 5, Vilnius | +370 52 44 46 46
Odminių g. 3, Vilnius | +370 52 53 13 13
Literatų g. 8, Vilnius | +370 630 30 999
Tiltų g. 6, Klaipėda | +370 667 44 600

Special offers

  • Dovanokite dar daugiau…

    Dovanokite dar daugiau…

    Dabar visoms rytietiškoms prekėms ir kosmetikos produktams taikome 20 proc. nuolaidą! Mūsų masažo namuose –  kvapnios Azia Spa namų lazdelės, rytietiška bambukų arbata, aromatingieji mūsų smilkalai, natūralūs kosmetikos produktai iš Balio salos, prancūziškoji Thalion kosmetika bei dar daugiau to, ką galite padovanoti kartu su mūsų dovanų kuponais procedūroms. Dovanokite dar daugiau… 

  • Šventiniai pasiūlymai dovanų kuponams

    Šventiniai pasiūlymai dovanų kuponams

  • New exotic spa rituals for two!!!

    New exotic spa rituals for two!!!

    We invite you to enjoy new Spa rituals for couples at the Azia Spa, Literatų Str. 8, Vilnius! For your royal holiday moments together….

  • New treatments of Spa baths

    New treatments of Spa baths

    Tired? Revitalize yourself in a relaxing SPA bath procedure! Bathing in a bathroom with a heavenly smell is a particularly enjoyable way to relax after a hard day's work, eliminate accumulated strain, fatigue, stress and warm up in the weather. Try our new Spa bath procedures with our divine aroma!

  • Special offer for Thalion Spa treatments

    Special offer for Thalion Spa treatments

    Thalion Spa – It is a unique innovative marine microelements and mineral-enriched professional French cosmetic, created countless products for full care of your skin, healthy status of your body and maintain your sense of wellbeing. Take the opportunity now to try out these procedures with 20% discount!

  • Workday offer only in Klaipeda SPA

    Workday offer only in Klaipeda SPA

    From now on, you will have an even better excuse, where you are going during your lunch break… Visit Azia Spa Massage House in Klaipeda from 11.00 until 16.00 workdays and try our proposed Oriental massage of the whole body  with 20% discount!

  • Marine Mineral Body Therapy

    Marine Mineral Body Therapy

    Azia Spa delivers four unique body therapies for marine minerals, consisting of highly effective mineralizing, balancing, relaxing, energizing, detoxifying and modelling procedures for your body, performed with professional marine microelements and a variety of natural mineral enriched Thalion cosmetics. Excellent for your well-being, healthy body, and a full-fledged rest!

  • Thalion Spa Face Treatments

    Thalion Spa Face Treatments

    Azia Spa presents you with new moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, firming and  detoxifying  procedures for the face, carried out with exclusive innovative marine minerals and Microelements enriched with French Thalion cosmetics.

  • Slimming treatment “Sea pearls”

    Slimming treatment “Sea pearls”

    The slimming Thalion procedure “Sea pearls” is an innovative, exceptional Spa treatment of the abrupt effect, which is designed for eternally rushed, time-consuming, but willing to maintain shaply body shapes and elastic and smooth skin for women. It contains all-in-one body scrub, massage and mask with tiny turquoise sea pearls. For the pretty lines of your body!

  • Health insurance

    Health insurance

    For the services we provide, pay with health insurance! Having CompensaGjensidige  or  BTA  Health Insurances, for our procedures you can pay fully or partially settle your own health insurance. Let your rest and health arrange your insurance company…