Health insurance

In Azia Spa for the services you can settle on your own health insurance. Having Compensa, Gjensidige or Bta  health insurance contracts which include a package of health-enhancing services, may, in whole or in part, be subject to the procedures available to us, depending on the existing sickness insurance contract. To pay their own health insurance. To pay for health insurance, you will need to inform you in advance at the time of booking and provide your insurance card prior to billing, and you can enjoy a chosen massage or SPA treatment. 

When paying for health insurance, you can choose from a range of wellness and wellbeing support treatments, such as full-body and segmented Oriental and classic massages, massage baths, various detoxifying and slimming Programs, body wraps and scrubs, Oriental Spa rituals that have already been tried by many of our loyal visitors.

Let your rest and health arrange your insurance company…

* With other health insurance companies contracts, we may issue invoices that you submit to your insurer for compensation.
* * Some of our special offers and promotions do not apply to those with health insurance.