New treatments of Spa baths

When behind the window presses the cold frost, treat and revitalizing yourself relaxing SPA bath procedure! Bathing in a bathroom with a heavenly smell is a very pleasant way to relax after a hard day’s work, to eliminate accumulated stresses and warm up in the weather. In the east it is a daily ritual that helps to cleanse not only the body, but also the soul, to get rid of various diseases and ailments. Plunging into the Spa bath of the heavenly aroma, fatigue and tension evaporates, and the pleasant warmth of the water gives a divine sense of relaxation and bliss…

Try it new SPA bath treatments along with other relaxing SPA treatments!

Relaxing Lavender Bath
Toning citrus bath
Rose and milk bath
Dark chocolate and milk bath
Aromatherapy Herbal Bath
Refreshing sea salt bath

Duration of the procedure: 30 min. Price: 20 Eur. *

* Offer valid for this procedure in conjunction with other SPA treatments